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Any Media Company, Any Device

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Increase Readership for Any Media Company

Anvil increases readership with an incredible user experience that has infinite scrolling on any device. Get content, fast page loads, and video streaming through any sized web interface or even as apps on any Apple, Android, or Microsoft device.

Reduce ad blindness and increase ad awareness with Anvil while easily keeping track of all orders through AccountScout's Classifieds Web integration.

For your reporters in the field, or while you're out of the office, Anvil allows you to build and manage any content - including advertising - from anywhere and on any device.

Infinite Scroll

Infinite scrolling on ANY device equates to more advertising being viewed by the readers and better results for advertisers.

Embed Ads in Videos

Pre, mid, and post roll ad revenue opportunities in video.

Rich Media Ads = New Revenue

  • Independent clickable wallpaper

  • Interstitial ads

  • Sliding billboards

Top Editorial Features

  • User dashboard and moderator notifications

  • Breaking news alerts

  • Snapshot image and ad gallery

  • Drag & drop file folder management

Upload Content from Any Device

  • Easily place locator maps within stories

  • Ability to embed In story video, images, and documents

  • Capture and upload multiple images and video

  • Automated video encoding

Control User Permissions

  • Editorial functions with role based security administration

  • Third party integrations

Manage User Subscriptions

  • Optional paywall

  • Freemium model

  • Introductory rate capability based on time or content views

  • Integration with PCI compliant BrainTree and PayPal merchant payment services

  • Media company retains ANY and all circulation revenue

New Revenue Opportunities

Anvil integrates advertising and sponsored content within stories, reducing ad blindness while also allowing for local ads, ad networks, and AdSense to rotate within content blocks.

Advertise in your mobile Android or Apple apps, or leverage Doubleclick for Publishers for out of the box integrated analytics on your website. Anvil integrated with Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) gives access to DFP Console Debug, providing direct access and delivery diagnostics for your ad units and creatives.

Training and Support

You're not alone, our Learning Management System is here to help train your employees at anytime.


  • DFP

  • AccountScout

  • Production and design tools

We also provide live workshop onboarding, training that is available to all employees 24/7, and support requests easily filed via email.

Recently Added Features

  • Customer Service Help Forms

  • Enhanced In Story Ad Zone Management

  • In-Story Click and Tag Keyword Tagging by Editorial

  • Third Party Vendor Validation/Integration

  • Braintree Subscription Discount Support

  • Homepage Filtering

  • Print Subscriber Key Value for Google Analytics

  • Technavia Single Sign-in

  • Integration with Second Street & MailChimp e-newsletters

  • Story Promotion by Date

  • Admin Search Results Filter

  • Ask the Expert

  • Top Ads

  • Deseret News

  • Streamlined Subscription Process

  • Wordpress Import